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Raynee Deigh: My latest Etsy find

Since adopting Boo, a.k.a. Buster, six years ago I have wanted to have a psychic reading for him.   I have been a volunteer with one of the largest animal welfare organizations in the west (PACC911) for many years now and I have had many opportunities to meet pet psychics and other people who can read animals but none of them felt right for my special little Boo.  I like to think I have good instincts for people and I knew the person for Boo would have to be someone I felt a strong connection with.
In a million years, I never would have thought I would find that person on ETSY of all places.  But I did.  I met Raynee in a BNR - or chatroom, for those who aren't Etsy shop owners.  I instantly felt a connection with her.  After a week or so of chatting with her I KNEW she was the one!!!

Here are the cards drawn for Boo's reading and what they have to say about him

Card 1: What Buster is trying to tell you when he barks at night: Three of Pentacles

This card, the Three of Pentacles, is about teamwork, being dependent on others for opinions, working with others, and becoming obsessed with what you are doing. It indicates that Buster sees you as part of his “team,” and he barks because he is lonely when you are asleep. He is dependent on you for attention, and you may not realize it but he takes a lot of his cues about how to behave from you. So, it confuses him (and makes him slightly anxious) when he sees you sleep, because he is not sure how to act or what to do without you being “there” to show him. Buster is not a very independent thinker, and he has trouble making decisions on his own. Try telling Buster (in a way you think he will understand) what you would like him to do while you sleep. It may be as simple as him having no idea what he should do during the night.

FROM ME:  During the day he has no problem getting under the covers by himself but at night he barks until I lift the covers for him and then he snuggles up next to me - usually in the crock of my armpit.  I thought he was just spoiled but now I understand him better.
Card 2: How Buster feels about you: The Wheel

The Wheel (also called The Wheel of Fortune in some decks) represents luck, timing, a turning point, destiny, new beginnings, change, and opportunity. Buster sees you as the creator of a huge change in his life, and he sees this change as a positive one. However, the fact that you changed his life so suddenly by adopting him also makes him worry if bad changes can happen just as quickly. He sometimes worries that the future holds inevitably bad things for him, and he is not entirely sure what you will do with him in the future. He sees you as unpredictable and confusing, but he also has a great fondness for you given that you provided him with such a comforting renewal in his life.

FROM ME: Me unpredictable?!!! uh, yeah!!  Poor little guy.  He had a lot of change and trauma around his fostering and adoption process so I can certainly understand his concerns. 

Card 3: What life was like for Buster before he was adopted: Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords represents feeling like the world is against you, being a martyr or victim, feeling self-pity, and a turning point. Before you met Buster, he felt that life could not possibly get any worse for him, and he had given up on ever being happy or safe. He thought constantly about how dire his situation was, and he felt quite sorry for himself. He felt that the only way his life would get any better was for something huge to happen, and he did not have much hope for this actually taking place.

FROM ME:  We know Boo was taken in my a stranger and then bit by their dog before he was turned over to rescue.  He was fostered by someone else before he came to live with us and it took a few months for him to settle it and us to be able to adopt him.

Card 4: What the adoption process was like for Buster: The Sun

Luckily for Buster, you adopted him. The Sun is about communication, sharing, happiness, joy, growth, new friendships, gaining confidence, and being the center of attention. Buster LOVED being the man of the hour when you adopted him. He felt as though the world opened up and he was overcome with a feeling of positive emotion. Given that the jump from energy of the Ten of Swords to The Sun is a huge one, it is likely that Buster was taken aback by how happy he felt, and was unsure how to react at first. His first thought when you adopted him was “FINALLY, someone who will listen to me!” Both the Ten of Swords and The Sun indicate that being “heard” is extremely important to Buster, whether he is expressing negative emotion (as he would have prior to the adoption) or positive.

FROM ME: Well, if you knew Boo like we know Boo!!!  Boo was the only dog ever to come into my home that I didn't even make eye contact with for several days - he was WILD!!!  He still likes to bite strangers  but he is much more mellow now and loves to be loved and give love!!  He is such a sweetheart (when he wants to be).

Card 5: Why Buster is scared of some dogs but not others: Queen of Pentacles

This is what I see as being one of the most fascinating aspects of the reading about Buster. The Queen of Pentacles indicates that he sees some dogs (and humans) as being dependable, nurturing, warm, generous, reliable, loyal, secure, and loving. In fact, the Queen of Pentacles represents someone who is a great supporter of children and animals! Buster views certain other animals and people as being sympathetic to him, and he judges this based on their energy. If he feels that they seem to embody what the Queen of Pentacles is all about, he is comfortable and accepting. If, however, their energy throws him off in some way and makes him question whether the Queen of Pentacles qualities are really there, he reacts by being extremely fearful. Simply put, if you’re not with Buster, you’re against him. He is an extremely emotional dog who reacts based on his gut feelings, whether or not he’s always right!

FROM ME:  This one confuses me but I will go with it.  Boo has tried to bite almost everyone to ever come in our house including my hubby and me.  But he has NEVER even attempted to bite my Dad or my Mom.  There have also been other people whom he is fond of as well but has still bit them.  For the most part we keep him away from other dogs and people.

Card 6: How to help Buster feel safe and secure: The Tower

The Tower again indicates, as the Wheel did, that Buster is quite worried about change. The Tower is about sudden change, even of a catastrophic nature. It represents disruption, unexpected events, having to adapt and adjust to a situation quickly, and being faced with a huge challenge. The thing about Buster is that he ALWAYS feels that something like this can happen to him. The key to making him feel safe and secure is to reassure him that tomorrow will be just the same as today was. Because the Three of Pentacles is so important to him and he sees you as an integral part of his team and decision-making process, Buster will take his cues from you. If you let him know that neither you nor he is going anywhere, and that you will be with him through whatever challenges he faces, Buster will feel as safe and secure as he can.

FROM ME:  This one really made me cry.  At the same time this reading was being done across the country from me I saw Boo laying on the bottom of my bed.  I felt the need to sit and talk to him.  I found myself telling him that he was home, we had adopted him and he wasn't going anywhere.  I felt crazy for doing this since we had adopted him years ago but I found myself saying it anyway.  So when I read the paragraph above I just cried.  Poor little guy - maybe I forgot to tell him we adopted him.  Or maybe because there had been so much change in his life with foster dogs coming and going he just felt insecure.  This would also explain the need to be tucked into bed at night.  Around 8 or 9 every night for the last year he has been barking at me to come tuck him in to my bed.  Again, I thought he was just being spoiled but maybe he just needed that reassurance that I was here and wasn't going to leave him.

Card 7: Overall outlook for your pet: King of Chalices

The King of Chalices suggests that Buster will grow into a mature dog who is stable, wise, diplomatic, generous, supportive, and emotionally secure. His intuition and ability to read emotion will evolve into wisdom and emotional balance and control. He will eventually learn to be calm, and will rely less and less on you to make decisions for him about how he should be acting. He may even enjoy acting as a “teacher” or “advisor” for a younger pet in the future. The King of Chalices is a very positive card and it indicates that with love, care, and careful reassurance, Buster will grow into a calm old man who is happy to be by your side – and will even let you sleep!

FROM ME:  HA!!!  I certainly hope there are NO younger pets in his future.  But I am sure he is on his way to be emotionally evolved.
This was my first experience with Tarot Cards and I am hooked!  It was very insightful and Raynee was so WONDERFUL to work with.  I will definitely be back for more readings.  Check out her shop on Etsy.  She has different packages for different needs, I am sure you will find something that will work for you.  And don't forget to tell her you read about her on my blog.


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