Friday, January 21, 2011

Edit, Edit and Edit again!

Starting an online business is a TON of work! But I will admit I am having fun. There are parts I LOVE (wearing sweats) and parts I dread (the post office) and yet other parts that I love and hate depending on my mood. HA!
Jazzmyn Willow Designs has been on Etsy for almost a month now and the first items listed are no longer getting viewed. I am going to start at the first item and work my way through to the last, carefully editing, upgrading photos, and adding stories wherever possible.
These were the first two items I listed. The original photos were CRAP! The new upgraded photos are better, don't cha think?

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Still to come ...

I have boxes and boxes of vintage and or antique items still to be listed in my Etsy Boutique -

Items to be listed include: China, silver flatware,  vintage typewriter with case,  1940's or 50's emerson fan, vases, jewelry, cookbooks and or advertising pamphlets, antique toy singer sewing machine, antique dolls, knick knacks, train case, 35mm slide cases, patterns, and more.
Most of these items have been in my husbands' or my family for decades and have been stored in boxes in my garage or my spare bedroom.
It is a long process to clean, research, photograph and post each item but I think it is worth it. I love the idea of allowing these items to leave their cold dark storage places and go out into the world and have a new life with someone who will appreciate, repurpose or regift them. They have been hidden away for far too long. For this reason I try to keep my prices as low as possible.

If you are looking for something imparticular feel free to contact me. I can send you photos of items in my care prior to cleaning, researching and posting them if you are interested.

A PEACE of the past

I was going through some boxes in my garage yesterday when I came across something I was sure was lost to me forever, a small vase containing handcrafted beaded flowers made by my great grandmother.  My great grandmother passed away when I was 15, she was 98.  At some point in her life she made bouquets of beaded flowers and secured then in china cups with matching saucers.  I had two of these fabulous teacups when I was younger but somehow they were lost in a move some twenty years ago (casualties of my first marriage).  I was sad to have lost them and I was sure they were the last of their kind - until yesterday.  I was working in the garage when I came across a box my mother had given to me several years ago that I had never bothered to go through, and there they were, hidden treasures just waiting to be unearthed, cleaned and cherished.  There were two teacups and one vase with these beautiful hand beaded bouquets in them.  I took the bouquets out of the teacups and cleaned up the teacups for sale but the flowers are all mine!  I think I will place them all together in something to create a beautiful new home accessory that is a collaborative effort.  Maybe I will even try my hand at beading a flower or two myself.  Who knows, maybe there is a new career opportunity for me!
This is not a good photo - I used the scanner.  I will take some photos soon (hopefully). But I am so lucky and proud to have them.  My great grandmother always meant the world to me.  She was a tiny woman of great faith and there was always a sense of peace and tenderness about her.  A very nice change of pace from the rest of my crazy family.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Antique Flatware

Several years back my mother passed down a small box of silver flatware to me.  Amoungst the treasures in the little box were a military issue spoon and fork.  I have yet to identify their value as they appear to be much different than any I have found on the internet so far.  Researching flatware when you are a novice is much more difficult then , say, researching vintage cookbooks. 

I found these four matching forks, cleaned them with a silver cleaning cloth and then laid them out on my scanner.  Once I have a good photo it is easy to magnify on the computer to a large enough image that even I can read the stamp placed by the manufacturer on the back of the flatware. 
The stamp on the back says "1847 Roger Bros. AI"

This is what I was able to find about these particular pieces of flatware.

Rogers Brothers  can trace its beginning to the 1820's. They were a manufacturer of silver plate flatware and hollowware. Their most popular line perhaps was the 1847 Rogers Bros. flatware. The name Rogers Bros. was first used in 1847. In 1898, they became part of the International Silver Company. 1847 Rogers Bros Silver Plate is still being produced today.

This pattern is known as "Lorne"
A collection of four of these same forks in mint condition sold for $10.50 plus shipping and handling.
I have priced these $9.95
you may purchase them at

Monday, January 10, 2011

Jazzmyn Willow Designs Boutique

Can a woman have to many pairs of shoes?  I don't think so!
These charming little white high heeled earrings would be a delightful gift for that special  someone for Valentine's day.
To purchase these one of kind pierced earrings follow the link below.