Monday, May 9, 2011

Magnetoid Magnets

Todays featured shop is FUN!!  Who doesn't love magnets! 
Who doesn't use magnets! 

Magnetoid Magnets was created in a little snowy town in eastern Washington in the kitchen of Krissy Rawley.   Krissy and her husband started making magnets together to pass the time when it was snowing and to cold to go out.  They came up with the name Magnetoid Magnets Magnetic Mayhem, because mayhem is what was created on their kitchen table.  The whole operation has since been moved into a studio(read:extra bedroom) in their home. They thought,by looking at their own fridge, one can never have enough magnets!

They use crystal clear glass tiles and non-toxic glaze to attach images and then place a neodymium (world's strongest) magnet on the back.  This creates a magnet that will give any magnetable (Krissy made that word up) surface gobs of personality!

Their Magnets make great gifts. Perfect for housewarming, teachers and anyone who likes cats with mustaches. The possibilities are endless! They are always happy to include a card and gift wrap if you are ordering for someone else. And they will even ship it to them for you. 
 They enjoy creating custom orders as well!

Visit their shop: Magnetoid Magnets


  1. HOLY CATS!!!!!!!Thank you so much for featuring us and the magnets that have taken over our lives(happily)!!
    It is such an honor!

  2. i love MAGNETS MAGNET! They are great! they hold great and great quality!!!! i recommend them!

  3. Magnetoid Magnets are awesome!

    I have three different kinds on my refrigerator right now: Alphonse Mucha, Pulp Comic Retro, and Cats w/ Moustaches.

  4. The magnets are super cute! Love them